Can a franchise use CleanerPlanner?

CleanerPlanner has a franchise set up available.

Each franchisee gets their own Cleaner Planner account that is linked to the franchisor's. The franchisor can switch between the accounts and oversee their franchisee/s work, help with planning etc. A franchisor can also transfer jobs between the main account and the franchisee accounts.

Each of these accounts is a separate CleanerPlanner account, charged at the usual plan price (details of the pricing options are here), and can be charged to the main account, or the franchisees may pay each separately. The terms are below:

  • The account belongs to the user who is paying for it. So in the future if the paying user asks to remove the other parties access to the account, we will have to remove it
  • The main account can have two kinds of access:
    >  Full Access: This means they can login and have full access to the subaccount and can change/take a backup of your data at any time
    >  Feed Jobs Only: In this set-up they can't see any of of the subaccounts details but simply feed it jobs.

Both parties should carefully consider how they want to deal with any future business disagreements and let us know:

  1. What is the registered email of the owner (paying user) of the subaccount?
  2. Should the parent have Full Access or Feed Jobs Only? Please note the owner (paying user) can change this data-access at any time.

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