How do I keep my schedule on track if I can't do a clean?

If you are going to completely miss a particular clean in the schedule, for example if your customer is on holiday, mark the job as "Missed". This will make the next clean in the schedule the due clean. 

You can mark a job as "Missed" if it is on a worksheet

How do I create a worksheet?

How do I complete and submit a worksheet?

You can also mark a job as "Done" or "Missed" on the Planner calendar.

1. Hover your cursor at the top right of a job box. You will see a "Done" tick appear.

2. Click on this tick and fill in the details in the "Job Done" pop-up box and Confirm

If you are going to do the clean on a different/later date for example because of the weather, you can either leave it on a worksheet and mark it as "Done" the day you get to it, or you can change the due date using the "Change due" button on the "Planner" calendar or "Jobs" tab.

It is also important to have the "Schedule next due from" setting that suits your business requirements. This can be set to either schedule the next clean from the date it was originally due, or from the date it is actually cleaned (marked as "Done). To check or change your "Schedule next due from" settings:

1. Go to your "Settings" (the spanner button top right of your screen)

2. Select the "Settings" tab

3. Choose your "Schedule next due from" setting from the dropdown box

4. Click "Save settings"

5. Once you have changed the setting, moving forward, any jobs you mark as "Done" or "Missed" will schedule from the new setting you have chosen

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