If a job isn't completed on the day it is scheduled for, will it reschedule itself for later in the week?

A job will not reschedule itself automatically, but there are a number of options you can use to change the date if you are planning on doing the job in the next few days

1. On the "Planner" or "Jobs" tab check the box at the top left of the job box, or far left of the job line that you want to move, and click the yellow highlighted "Change due" button. Then select the new date in the "Change date" pop-up box, and "Confirm".

2. If the job is on a worksheet you can just mark it as "Done" on the date you get to it. For example if you have a worksheet for a specific date you can mark any jobs as "Done" on that date and "Submit" the worksheet. Any jobs not cleaned and marked as "Done" will just stay on the worksheet to remind you they still need to be cleaned. You can then mark them as "Done" on the day you clean them.

3. On the "Planner" tab you can select individual jobs/a day/a round and drag and drop those jobs to a new day. Please be careful to only highlight the jobs you want to move.

 - To select all jobs on a specific date check the box in the blue tool bar next to the date:

 - To select all jobs in a specific round, check the box in the round name title bar:

 - To check jobs individually check the box at the top left of each job box:

 - Once you have selected your jobs you can drag and drop them to another date.

Please note 

 - do not mark a job as "Missed" if you are planning on doing it a few days later. The "Missed" button is only to be used if you are missing that clean in the job schedule completely

 - whatever date you mark a job as "Done" , the next clean for that job will schedule based on your "Schedule next due from" settings; either "Date originally due" or "Date actually done"

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