How do I add my customers and jobs?

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Video Tutorial:

1. Decide whether to use the "Planner" or "Jobs" tab

You can add your customers and jobs either via the Planner tab or the Jobs tab.

If you run a precise schedule and know exactly which day of the week you will next be doing each job, use the Planner tab.

If you run an approximate schedule and do each job as soon as possible once due rather than on a set day, use the Jobs tab.

OPTION 1: Go to the "Planner" tab and click "Add Job"

OPTION 2: Go to the "Jobs" tab and click "Add Job"

2. Enter the customer's details

First line of address is the only mandatory field. All other fields are optional.

3. Select an existing round or click + to add a new one

4. Select an existing service or click + to add a new one

5. Input the due date or check "no due date" if you don't know yet

6. Input schedule or check "one off" if only to be done once

7. Input price per clean

8. Input any initial notes to appear on the worksheet

9. Click "Save Job"

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