How do I set up GoCardless?

Video Tutorial

1. Go to the "Settings" tab

2. Go to the "GoCardless" tab

3. Click "Link Cleaner Planner to your GoCardless account"

4. Enter your existing GoCardless login details OR click on "Sign Up" to create a new account.

5. For a new account make sure you complete GoCardless KYC process. Without this, you can't use your GoCardless account with CleanerPlanner

Enter all the details they ask for on GoCardless website. They typically need you to verify your bank account and provide proof of identity.

Read more here if you have trouble with this.

6. Select "Connect your GoCardless account"

You'll then be redirected back to the "Settings > GoCardless" tab in your Cleaner Planner account.

7. Synchronise your customers

This will retrieve the email addresses of all active customers in your GoCardless account and link them to customers with matching email addresses in Cleaner Planner. Once a customer has been synchronised you will be able to start GoCardless payments for that customer directly from Cleaner Planner.

8. Export and resolve any missing customers

Any GoCardless customers who do not have a customer record in Cleaner Planner with a matching email address will be returned as "missing". Click "Export missing customers" and an Excel file will download with the missing customers' names and email addresses. 

9. Click "Save Settings"

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