How do I link Cleaner Planner to my email?

1. Go to the "Settings > Email" tab

2. Check "Use CleanerPlanner server"

3. (Optional) Enter your signature

4. (Optional) Choose and upload a signature image

5. (Optional) Enter your footer text

6. Send a test email

7. Check your inbox

Test email received - Great! You can now send emails from Cleaner Planner.

Test email not received - Wait 2-3 minutes for the email to come through.

Error message when sending - Check your SMTP settings and try again.

Still not working - Email for assistance.

8. Click "Save Settings"

Note: In Step 2, if you wish to set up your own email routing, you can uncheck "Use CleanerPlanner Server" and instead enter your SMTP settings, username, and password.