How do I add a GoCardless button to my website?

1. Go to the "Settings" tab

2. Go to the "GoCardless" tab

3. Configure the GoCardless widget

Widget Reference Prompt is the text that will initially appear inside the reference box on your website. Whatever the user types into this box will appear as the reference for this customer in the GoCardless dashboard. Prompt the user for a single piece of information that will help you determine who they are in the event that their name and/or email address are unfamiliar - "Enter your first line of address" or "Enter your customer reference" are typically sensible choices.

Thanks Page URL is the web page you want your customers to be directed to after they have successfully signed up to pay you with GoCardless. You could direct them to a dedicated "thank you" page, or perhaps simply your website home page. If you leave this field blank then they will be redirected to the GoCardless home page after signing up.

4. Copy and paste the HTML snippet into your website

If you manage your website yourself you will need to switch to the HTML view and paste the code (unchanged) into the appropriate position.

If you don't manage your website yourself then you will need to pass this HTML snippet on to your web designer to install on your website.

That's it - your customers can now pay with GoCardless!

You can now direct your customers to your website to sign up to pay you with GoCardless. They simply input their reference (e.g. first line of address), click "Pay with GoCardless" and fill in their bank details on the GoCardless website.

When a customer signs up you will receive an email notification. You then need to sync Cleaner Planner with GoCardless before taking the first payment from this customer. For more information please see the other GoCardless tutorials.

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