How do I start a GoCardless payment?

Video Tutorial

1. Go to the "Debts" tab

2. Sync GoCardless if you've recently added some customers

If you haven't added any customers since the last sync then you can skip this step.

You only need to sync each customer once.

3. Select "GoCardless" from the payment method drop down

4. Click "Start" next to the job you need to take payment for

5. Confirm payment description and amount and click "Start"

That's it - your payment is on its way!

The customer will automatically come off your debt list when the payment arrives in your bank account in around 7 working days time. You do not need to re-enter the payment manually when it arrives.

If a payment fails or is canceled you will receive an email from GoCardless notifying you of this, and the debt will revert from "Pending" to "To Bill" in Cleaner Planner so you can restart it if appropriate.

Please note: Only GoCardless payments started from Cleaner Planner will be entered into Cleaner Planner automatically when they arrive in your account. If you start a payment directly from the GoCardless dashboard (not recommended) you will need to enter this into Cleaner Planner manually when it arrives in your bank account.

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