How do I export my customers to MailChimp?

#1 Sign up and log in to MailChimp

#2 Set up your API keys

#3 Create an Audience

Log into your MailChimp account and navigate to Audience in the left sidebar > Audience dashboard (direct audience link). Click on "Create Audience" button in the upper right:

Note: If you've already created audiences before, then you can click on Audience Dashboard (left sidebar) > Manage Audience dropdown > View audiences > you'll then be able to use Create Audience like in the above screenshot:

Now you'll see a Create Audience form like so -- fill out with your own business info:

Hit "Save", which will redirect you to your new Audience. Click on Settings > "Audience name and defaults":

Which will show you your audience list ID:

Copy this list ID (without the period) into your CleanerPlanner account > Settings > Integrations > MailChimp > List ID:

Save your settings to close out.

#4 Sync Customers to MailChimp

Note: The automatic sync button in CleanerPlanner is currently not working due to an API upgrade on MailChimp's side. We are working ASAP on a fix for this.

You can sync to MailChimp with a few quick steps in less than 5 minutes:

1) Get your Customer data exported:

Or just message and we'll send you the exact file that you need!

2) Now in your MailChimp admin account, navigate to Audience > Audience Dashboard ( Click on the button to "Add Your Contacts":

Note: If you already synced to MailChimp before, you can add more contacts via "View Contacts" > "Add contacts" dropdown > "Import contacts". Note also that MailChimp is smart enough to dedupe if you were to upload an overlapping contact list, so you can upload your entire customer list each time.

Next, you'll see 3 options for adding your contacts. Select the option to "Upload a file" and upload the CSV that was exported from CleanerPlanner:

Hit "Continue". The fields for Email, First Name, and Last Name should be automatically recognized.

If you added custom extra fields like Round, Status, Source, etc. then you need to mark them for MailChimp to recognize. Hit the "Edit" pencil icon for these custom columns:

In the pop-up, select "Create a new field":

You can then label this field as e.g. Round:

Finish and save. Note that only customers with email addresses will be imported, since MailChimp relies on that to email your customers.

You can now set up email campaigns, surveys, sign-up forms and more! (see final section in this documentation)

#5 Set up Email Campaigns and Surveys

MailChimp has extensive documentation on setting up various types of email campaigns, surveys, sign-up forms etc. As an example, here is the setup for a simple email campaign:

Go to your admin dashboard in Mailchimp and click on "Create":

You can now select your desired email campaign:

Once you've filled out the email template, hit Send to distribute to your customers!

Note: Please be sure to comply with any GDPR requirements with targeting customers in email campaigns.

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