How do I export my customers to MailChimp?

1. Sign up and log in to MailChimp

2.Go to and follow the link there to access your API keys.

3. Go to the "Audience" tab in MailChimp and the dropdown on the right where it says "Manage Audience" and select "View Audiences". In the Audiences page click "Create Audience" on the right and then click "Create Audience" again if it prompts for confirmation.

Note: MailChimp has recently updated their UI. Depending on which version you are on, follow the instructions in to create the audience before continuing with the next step.

4. Enter the list details and click "Save"

5. Go to the "Settings > Audience name and defaults" tab

6. Copy the "Audience" to the clipboard. It will be a word with letters and numbers in it. Make sure not to copy the "." at the end as this will break the sync in CleanerPlanner. It will be something like follows:

7. Paste the "List ID" into the "Settings > Integrations" tab

8. Click "Save Settings"

9. Go to the "Customers" tab and click "Update Mailchimp"

10. Review the results and click "Close"

11. Go to the "Lists" tab in MailChimp and click the list name

Your Cleaner Planner customers have been exported to MailChimp. 

Note that Name, Source, Rounds and Services with Status data are all exported, so you can filter by these as needed in MailChimp.

Refer to MailChimp documentation for help setting up campaigns

Old Instructions for creating the API key

1. Sign up and log in to MailChimp

2. Go to your "Account Name top right > Account"

3. Go to the "Extras > API keys" tab

4. Click "Create a key" and then copy the key to the clipboard

5. Go to the "Settings" tab in Cleaner Planner

6. Paste the "API Key" into the "Integrations > MailChimp" tab

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