How do I shift my work forward when I go on holiday?

• Please follow all best practices mentioned below. Shifting schedule incorrectly can permanently mess up your schedule
• Always write down the exact shift settings you are entering and the date and time you did it.
Best Practices
• The shift schedule is to shift ALL jobs. (If you just want to change some rounds, go to the Jobs tab > Filter by Round > Select All Jobs > Change Due -- write in to us for help if you're unsure here as well!)
• If your schedule gets messed up after one shift, do not do more shifts to fix your schedule! That makes it impossible to recover. Write in to us and we help you.
• Shift your schedule on the last day before your break after you have submitted all your worksheets. Otherwise, your current worksheet jobs will not be shifted and may fall on days you are off.
• Shift your schedule in 7 days increments. Otherwise jobs can shift days (Tue jobs can become Wed jobs for instance), and a lot of jobs can pile up on Monday.
• The best way to shift your schedule is to create 7 day gaps in your schedule when you are off.
• If you are unsure, do not proceed. Write in to us for help shifting your schedule

1. Go to the "Planner" tab

2. Click "Shift schedule"

3. Select the first day of your holiday

4. Select the day you return to work

5. Check the details and click "Confirm"

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