How do I backup my data?

1. Go to the "Settings > Account" tab

2. Click "Download account"

3. Move the downloaded file somewhere safe

A file called "Cleaner Planner Backup - [today's date].zip" will download. Open Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac), locate this file within your "Downloads" folder and move it somewhere safe, e.g. a backup folder, USB stick or external hard drive.

This ZIP file contains a collection of Excel CSV files containing all the raw data underlying your Cleaner Planner account. It is not intended to be human readable. Rather it is intended to give another software provider or developer all the raw data they would need to restore your account in it's entirety.

4. That's it - your account is now safely backed up!

We recommend you backup your data at least weekly for your own extra peace of mind. However, we also backup your data hourly to several locations, so you can rest assured that you will never loose your data, even if your PC or Mac are broken, lost or stolen.

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