How do I take card payments with Stripe?

1. Sign up and navigate to the API section of your Stripe Dashboard

2. Copy the Publishable Key

3. Go to the "Settings" tab in Cleaner Planner

4. Go to the "Integrations" tab and paste in the Stripe API key

5. Similarly, copy the Secret Key from Stripe (you'll have to press reveal to see it) and paste it in the Secret API Key section in CleanerPlanner.

6. Go to the "Lists" tab and select "Payment Methods" from the dropdown

7. Click "Add Payment Method"

8. Enter "Stripe" as the name and click "Save Payment Method"

9. Click "Save Settings"

10. Go to the "Debts" tab and click "Pay" next to a customer

11. Select "Stripe" from the "Payment Method" dropdown

12. Enter the card details and click "Save Payment"

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