How do I create and email an invoice?

Video Tutorial:

1. Go to the "Settings" tab

2. Go to the "Company" tab and ensure your company details are complete

These details will appear on your invoices.

3. Go to the "Invoices" tab to upload your logo and set your footer text

You can use the markup shown on the right to format the footer, e.g. **bold text**, //italic text// etc.

4. Click "Save Settings"

5. Go to the "Debts" tab and click "Invoice" next to the job you wish to invoice

6. Select the transactions (cleans) you wish to invoice and click "Create Invoice"

If you don't wish to roll all the customer's recent cleans into one invoice, deselect some of them.

7. Check the invoice details and amend if necessary

8. Click an invoice item if you wish to edit the description

9. Click "Print" to preview and / or print the invoice

10. Click "Email" to email the invoice to the customer as a PDF attachment

11. Check customer's email address and update if necessary

Separate multiple email addresses with commas. Multiple recipients will be BCC'd to protect privacy.

12. Enter a subject line or leave blank to accept the default

13. Click the download link if you wish to preview the PDF attachment

14. Enter a message - you can use placeholders to create a reusable template

15. Click "Preview" to send the email to yourself first

16. Click "Send Email" to send the email to the customer

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