How do I import my data from Squeegee?

1. Log into your Squeegee account on your web browser

2. Go to Settings, then select "Backup Data and Email" near the bottom

3. Enter your email when prompted and click through

4. You'll get an email with a link to your backup file

5. Click on the link and download your backup file (should save as a .json file)

WARNING: If this downloads a file ending in .sgg, please do this instead:

  • Log into Squeegee and go to the Reporting section
  • Select "All job data"
  • Download the CSV
  • Email us this file instead

6. Use the support button when logged into your account to send this backup file over to our Support team

7. That's it - we will email you when your import is ready!

NOTE: If the attachment ends up being too big to send through the Support button, you can repeat Steps 1 - 4, then directly forward the backup e-mail to Do NOT click on "Download now" as it is a one-time download. Instead, forward the email to us and we'll click on it to download the file.

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