How Do I Refer A Friend?

Refer a friend and get £50 off!
Your referral also gets an extra 15 days to trial

  1. Help your friend sign up and get started with CleanerPlanner
  2. Find your referral code at Settings > Accounts > Referral Code

  3. Ask your referral to enter it in the Account Setup screen that is shown the first time they login. If they didn't enter it during their first login, they can also enter it later in Settings > Accounts > Referred By field (see above)

  4. Your referral will get an extra 15 days on top of their free trial
  5. Work with us to make sure your referral has extra support so that they are successful in using CleanerPlanner for 3 months.
  6. Get a £50 credit towards your CleanerPlanner bill

Qualifying Requirements

  • Offer only applies when referring brand new customers
  • The customer you refer must sign up to be a paying customer and maintain the paying account for 3 continuous months
  • In the 5th month, when we award the £50 credit, both you and the referred customer must be a paying customer

Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions
  • We reserve the right to withdraw, amend or suspend this program at any time

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