What is GoCardless? How do I take Direct Debit payments?

GoCardless is essentially like a direct debit payment system, that enables you to take control of your payments and eliminates debt problems. It's very simple and easy to use, and lots of our customers have linked it into their Cleaner Planner accounts. It is covered by the Direct Debit guarantee.

 - You sign up for a GoCardless account. 

 - Send your customers the sign-up link by email or text (found in "Settings" under the "GoCardless" tab). They enter their personal details once to sign up.

 - Each time you complete a clean you can process s GoCardless payment without customer authorisation, via the "Debts" tab. 

 - Once there is a charge (debt) against a customer or a number of customers you can start a GoCardless payment run for individual or bulk payments with one click of a button. 

 - The customer  receives an email advising how much you have charged them and the payment is automatically recorded on CleanerPlanner to update their balance.

 - GoCardless matches customers that sign up with their email address on their CleanerPlanner record, so these must be the same. GoCardless sends you an email when someone signs up to pay you via GoCardless so if you do not have their email address on CleanerPlanner you can always add it on then.

How do I set up GoCardless?
How do I start a GoCardless payment?

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